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The Disney Pixar Cars Collection (Mattel)

This European collection was brought about because my son got six for Christmas 2006. Then from January 2007, when more were sought, most of the shops had sold out of the popular ones by February. When the repackaged range came into the shops it was around this time that I decided to collect them for myself and stuck with the 'Supercharged' range. Mattel began with two roll outs in the 'Desert' pack (Summer 2006) followed by the 'Supercharged' range (January 2007) and then the 'World of Cars' roll out (January 2008).

For the record, Lizzie and Sarge (UK/European Supercharged market) were recalled due to lead paint and have become collectible, the Lizzie shown here is the USA version as it doesn't have the Greek name alternative. There are two fauly items, they being RPM 64, one has a yellow cast on the white decals and one of the Fabulous Huson Hornets has chrome wheel rims.

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The Drag Racing Car Collection

Toys that were meant to, toys, but saved from carpet fluff and further destruction and now happily reside in the safety of a display cabinet. The background drag track was a home made one for my son's hotwheel cars, see this link for more detail. (HW) stands for Hotwheels and (MB) is for Matchbox.

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Capri Models

Most of the models weren't meant for vrrroooommming or bash 'n' crash, and yet just another bunch of items that require dusting.

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Speed Racer (Hot Wheels - Mattel)

Another one of those must haves at the time (2009) but the film wasn't all that good but I liked these 1/64 scale diecast models. The shops stopped stocking them soon after I decided to collect and it has taken a while to get a far as I have through Ebay and other sources. There were two roll outs of products here, the second had a movie booklet/poster included. The American market packaging appears to be slightly different as can be seen here.