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Carnival Dragster

30th September 2006

A project that took 9 months to complete and only for one carnival afternoon procession but it did win the Norman Westcott Trophy in the Hand Cart class. Unfortunately, technical problems with the rear wheels and lack of time to sort it out prevented a showing in the evening procession.

Just a few facts about the build;

  • 30 metres of 30x30mm angle iron for the chassis and push bar.
  • 18 metres of 5x2.5mm wooden batons for the chassis bracing.
  • Wheel base approx 4.5m, whole car 5.5m.
  • Go-cart front steering extended to cockpit with modified hubs to accommodate push chair wheels.
  • Rear axel off same go-cart and shod with home made hubs and brother in-law's Suzuki Vitara extra-wide wheels.
  • Wings made out of foamex (signage material) and struts from gazebo poles.
  • The engine was made all out of card board and lining paper.
  • Body panels were encapsulated large format inkjet prints, pop riveted except the top panel held on with magnetic tape.
  • Crash helmet hand made from scratch by my wife.

All my own work with assistance from my father in-law and with thanks to Andy Carter for supplying stickers and drawings.