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Ford Capri: The Ford Capri Photo Gallery 1997

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This 1997 gallery comprises of all the photos I took of the humble Ford Capri and are new to the website. Some of the images will be the Capris I owned at the time, but this gallery is mainly a record of Capris I saw that caught my attention at car shows and club meetings. I have meticulously scanned my photo albums in chronological order and I have listed dates and places of the images as per the references made at the time in my photo albums. All these images are stored on due to limited space on my webserver.


Capri Club International Convention at Stoneleigh, near Coventry.

March season opener for the Capri Clubs at Stoneleigh Agricultural Show Ground.

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Santa Pod Main Event - May 1997

Best motorsport place in the UK.

CCI National Concours Day, Exeter - May 1997

Capri Club International met club demands of being more accessible to the West Country, so held their Concours Day at Exeter. My note in the photo album was that it was a poor show, low in attendance and in the number of high quality Capris. I attended with the Avalon Capri Club.

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Car Shows - Aug - Sept 1997

Unable to place these into any real category of their own

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Bovington Classic run by Jaguar Owners Club - Sep 1997

Very nice show held next to the Tank Museum in Bovington Camp. Despite the noisey antics of a member from last year the Avalon Club were back to this well organised 'classy' show.

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Capital Capri at Sandown Park, Esher - Oct 1997

Seventh visit to the end of season CCI organised show. This time CCI were proabably meeting membership demands of another different location but the number of cars on show barely filled a room in the display centre which was rather disappointing as I was used to seeing the site packed when Volksworld was on. With that in mind I wrote to CCI to grumble about it but they chose not to reply at all, personally or in the club magazine to explain the poor turn out. I let my subscription lapse after that in 1998 and never attend another CCI show.

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