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Ford Capri: The Ford Capri Photo Gallery 1994

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This 1994 gallery comprises of all the photos I took of the humble Ford Capri with several of the ealier photos already appearing on my website, under the FordCapri/Modified/Custom/Drag Race headings. Some of the images will be the Capris I owned at the time, but this gallery is mainly a record of Capris I saw that caught my attention at car shows and club meetings. I have meticulously scanned my photo albums in chronological order and I have listed dates and places of the images as per the references made at the time in my photo albums. All these images are stored on due to limited space on my webserver.


Capri Club International Convention at Stoneleigh, near Coventry.

March season opener for the Capri Clubs at Stoneleigh Agricultural Show Ground, though it had gone up market now by moving to the bigger and better show hall. Keep your eyes out for the 'Minder' Capri that had just been restored (back then) by the CCI Chairman.

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CCI National Concours Day, Windsor Race Course - May 1994.

Great show again at a new venue in Berskhire with a good turn out of Capris that I hadn't seen the previous year . This time there was a rendevous of the Hampshire CC in a layby near Bagshot just off Junc 3 of the M3 for a convoy to the show site and then the set up of a fairly large club stand.

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East Devon CC, Summer Mirage, Knowle Hall, Bridgwater - June 1994.

I had acquainted my self with the South Dorset Capri Club, run by Sally, at this point and had my car on their club stand as the Hampshire CC didn't attend this small show organised by the East Devon Capri Club. The shine on that Black Tickford was imaculate, the photo doesn't do it justice.

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Good Guys Shoot out no.2 - Avon Park Raceway, Stratford-upon-Avon - Jul 1994.

Drag racing, yeah, my favourite motor sport. All the capris suffered against their opponents and never won their races. Great venue at the time.

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Farmer Giles Classic Car show, Teffont, Wiltshire - Jul 1994

A nice local show that was actually within 10 miles of home that I attended with the South Dorset Capri Club. It was here that I first met Andy Day of the Avalon Capri Club from Glastonbury, little did I know it would be the begining of a good friendship and many memorable times.

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CCI Summer Camp, Sherrif's Lench , near Evesham - Aug 1994

A very memorable show, especially when it was my first overnighter. There was lots of drink and so many laughs among the Avalon Capri Club group which made a for a superb evening. The amount of alcohol consumed made snoozing in the car over night a bit easier and the Avalon club stand looked a little worse for wear come the morning.

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Fast Ford, Ford Fair at Blenheim Palace - Aug 1994

Another meet up with the Hampshire Club and the debut of Wayne's 1700cc Mk3 (blue) which was a trophy winner on the day. It was also the last show I attended or anything the 2.0GL as it blew its head gasket near Highclere on the A34 on the way home. Managed to limp it to Whitchurch on 3 cylinders to leave at my sisters place. Note the white with blue stripe German Capri towards the end of the gallery, something I was to later copy. Tacked on the end of the gallery was the 2.8 injection that was the replacement to the 2.0 GL

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Yeovil Capri Club Show, Lufton Manor, Yeovil - Sep 1994

Another reasonably local show to home and the debut of the new acquisition. I was to meet a previous, previous owner of the 2.8i to get a bit more (verbal) history on the car.

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CCI Caprimania! Stoneleigh - Oct 1994

Fourth visit to the end of season CCI organised show, back at Stoneleigh Agricultural Centre and in the 'cow sheds'.

Historic Saloon Car Racing, Thruxton - Oct 1994

Had a spate of visiting Thruxton around this time, and there had to be some Capris at this meeting. I had taken more pictures but on slide film, but they hadn't turned out so well.

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