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Ford Capri: The Ford Capri Photo Gallery 1993

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This 1993 gallery comprises of all the photos I took of the humble Ford Capri with several of the ealier photos already appearing on my website, under the FordCapri/Modified/Custom/Drag Race headings. Some of the images will be the Capris I owned at the time, but this gallery is mainly a record of Capris I saw that caught my attention at car shows and club meetings. I have meticulously scanned my photo albums in chronological order and I have listed dates and places of the images as per the references made at the time in my photo albums. All these images are stored on due to limited space on my webserver.


Capri Club International Convention at Stoneleigh, near Coventry.

March season opener for the Capri Clubs at Stoneleigh Agricultural Show Ground, gate crashing on the end of this gallery is another Hants Capri Club meeting at the Harvester, Basingstoke,

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Devon & Cornwall Capri Jamboree - Crealey Park, near Exeter

In attendance with the Hampshire Capri Club at a new location for the Devon & Cornwall CC run show. There was more space and other attractions to occupy the families that attended, provided you paid extra.

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CCI National Concours Day, Stanford Hall, Lutterworth Leics - May 1993.

Great show, very good turn out of Capris that I hadn't seen the previous year and lovely weather too. Shame I didn't get my light settings quite right on the camera, hence some post production required on brightening them up..

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East Devon CC, Summer Mirage, Knowle Hall, Bridgwater - June 1993.

Nice little Capri show with a good turn out from the various Capri clubs around the country, though the Hampshire club didn't make this one. The last two pictures show virtually two identical Mk1 Capris, but one was a Jeff Uren Commache conversion not so sure on the other a 3 litre GT XLR?, then there was my 2.0GL parked alongside just to bring everything back down to earth.

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Auto Trader Show, Bracknell - Jul 1993.

Contrast to the previous year, I remember this one being a baking hot day, as I hadn't kept up my fluids I wasn't feeling too good when I got home (Amesbury, Wilts). The Hampshire Capri Club had arranged for another club stand and Tony Coleman (no relation) debuted his Mk2 Capri Pick-up (Yellow Peril) in the individal entrants area. He claimed that this car was a 2 litre white JPS before he chopped it. I got to know Tony a fair bit as I worked in Reading at the time.

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CCI Summer Camp, Sherrif's Lench, Evehsam - Aug 1993

The Capri Club's back yard show and the first time I had visited the then 'headquarters' of CCI. As to be expected a big turn out of Capri's and was a weekend camping show. I only went for the Sunday 'Show and Shine'.

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Ford Fair, Stanford Hall, Leics - Aug 1993

... yeah, yeah, this is supposed to be a Capri thread, so some slipped through the net. At the show was the first time I had seen the then brand new Ford coupe the Probe even if it was left hand drive. Also I saw a brand new RS2000 Mk4 Escort with the Whale Tail spoiler on the new 'L' prefix registration that was being polished to fine detail. Fast Ford organisers had to hastily create a new class category for that Escort!

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Bristol Capri Club - Brean Sands, near Weston-Super-Mare - Sep 1993

This was probably one of the best Capri shows that I had been too due to the many Continental Capris that visited. The previous Bristol CC show at Brean that I attended was back in 1989 which also was my first Capri show in the Mk2, but I didn't take my camera then! Tony's 'Yellow Peril' Capri pick-up was popular amoung the German contingent as they couldn't do modifcations like that to their cars, hence the body kits and other imaginative methods of styling.

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Thames Valley Capri Club Launch at Reading - Sep 1993

Close ties with the Lea Valley Capri Club started the whole idea of a group of affiliated branches of the Capri Club. Support from CCI themselves (well, Nigel), Surrey CC and the local press turning up made for a busy long day. Photos are outside Tony Coleman's workshop and then there was a convoy to the Reading Rugby club later for lunch.

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CCI Caprimania! Bingley Hall, Stafford - Oct 1993

Third visit to the end of season CCI organised show, different location that meant a long haul up the M6 to the other side of Birmingham.

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