The Corsair came with a pair of original 4 stud (unilug) Cragar SS wheels and a pair of Cal Chrome wheels of unknown origin and date. They were in poor condition as can be seen in the photos. I started way back in June 2015 a technique I had seen on the internet (where else..) by rubbing down the chrome with aluminium foil and water. I think the photo (8th image) shows it worked well for the Cal Chrome even though they were in a rough state.

A poly carbide disc for the drill was obtained and used to clean the brake discs with some success so my attentions were turned to the wheels in March 2016. I had the tyres removed a while back and this made it much easier to deal with the corrosion on the inner part of the rims. There was also black paint on the chrome which was removed (mostly).

There is still a fair bit more work to be done, I bought a special polishing flap disc to help with the oxide deposits and paint on the Cal Chromes but the inner part of the rims were in better shape than the Cragars. Advice recently obtained from Shaftesbury Tyres and Batteries have suggested with a bit more cleaning they (all wheels) should be good for a new set of tubeless tyres.

The intention is to get them looking as clean as possible, without restoring due to the cost. I did consider having them powder coated but the friendly neighbour suggested I not do that for now, just get the Corsair on the road.


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