Waxoyling Again

I Waxoyled the Corsair 3 years ago (March 2017) and upon seeing the underside earlier this year during the MOT inspection it was clear it needed doing from the rear axle chassis to the front as far as the front footwell sections. The old under seal was flaking off in large chunks and in some places exposing fresh metal. A messy business prepping for the Waxoyl, but equipped with safety specs, some decorators scrapers, wire brushes and a rubber dusting brush I was good to go. The most awkward part was the manoeuvring around on my back and keeping my arms up while trying to apply pressure and elbow grease.

A good 2 hours of this saw the worst of the flaking under-seal removed and then the frustrating business of applying the wax began. Firstly I warmed the Waxoyl in a bucket of hot water for about 20 minutes – not that I noticed much in the change of the viscosity. Aftet transferring some waxoyl the special Waxoyl pump system and hand pumping pressurising it, the steady even spray of wax I was expecting sputtered out and squirted in directions I didn’t want before clogging. Washing the nozzle took several attempts in white spirit to get the spray effect I desired and then had to repeat the process countless times through out the process. I eventually covered all the areas I needed and not all over myself.

Dog coming to check on progress

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