Waxoyl – The Amateur Way

The Corsair up on ramps – March 2017

Another fine day towards the end of March enabled me to get the Corsair up on the ramps. It was after speaking to John (AJ Restorations), last year in August, that he strongly advised that I get the underside of the car Waxoyled or protected in some way. So a birthday present was a Waxoyl pump system. There were mixed reviews on line, but this one seemed to be a new and improved version. I had previously used Waxoyl, but applying it by brush was a messy process as it dripped a lot.

The instructions for the pump set up were a bit basic and not very in depth, so it was trial and error, again. There was the basic fitted nozzle to treat easily accessible, flat panels; a black pipe as per the photo with a squirty nozzle (there was a wide spray nozzle also supplied) for awkward areas and working upwards and then there was a thin transparent pipe for inserting into chassis rails etc. What a messy system I had got my self into.

Waxoyl and the accessories I used for the underside treatment job

After pressurising the bottle with the hand pump, my first attempt was with the long black tube and it’s default nozzle. Well that didn’t work as I wanted, it just shot out a steady jet of Waxoyl that dripped off the underside and on to me and my crawler mat. Thankfully, there there was another nozzle supplied in the kit, a wide spray type, and that was a far better spray effect with a nice even layer of coverage. The short stubby nozzle that was already on the sprayer was OK, with an adjustable spray pattern but was only good for easy access panels. A liberal coating used about a quarter of the 5 litre tin of Waxoyl from the rear foot well floors to the rear valance of the Corsair.

With the treatment equipment cleaned I was on a roll and therefore whipped off the carburettor , split it apart and cleaned it out again with plenty of carburettor cleaner and an air duster. It was put back on to the engine and then next job will be to flush the fuel pipes with clean fuel.


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