HELP: Nothing has happened

Thought I’d better write something to at least put you in the picture, considering you have got this far.

I’ve not done a thing to the Corsair. I did try to test the coil last month that I had on the car and it turned out from an enquiry on a forum, I would need an unballasted replacement coil. I’ve lost all motivation, confidence and self esteem and I’m not saving up the pennies for parts. Seriously if you think YOU can help me, please comment below and I’ll get back to you. No crap please, I’ve no idea who even looks at this blog/website either, the ‘webstats’ go only so far as number of hits…

In a nutshell, it’s a desperate call for help,. Even then I’m not sure if I could accept due to the personal turmoil I’m in, but I just don’t know where to turn on this. The car is NOT for sale.

Thanks for reading, with regards,


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  1. Hi Dom,

    I am a bit of a car nut and I was looking through old pictures of Vivas on-line (as you do) and came across your other site and then linked to this blog. I used to run a bright red Mini Mayfair and my wife and I once drove across America and back in a Dodge Stratus. I like old 70’s Fords, Vauxhalls etc.

    Your last blog-post was issuing a cry for help.

    I just wanted to say that, although I don’t know you, I hope you are OK and know that people do read your stuff and find it enjoyable!

    With every good wish

  2. Alan,

    thank you for your kinds words, I’m at bit of a loss for words really. I’m OK, I did buy a new coil the other week (testing a parts supplier recommended on a forum) for the Corsair but have not made the effort to fit it. I better do it soon though, to see if it works and within warranty!
    Thanks for dropping by to view the Mothership website and the subsequent blog on the Corsair which has been rather quiet of late.

    Best regards,


  3. I’m glad you are OK Dom – Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    One of my earliest memories is being a small boy in the mid-70’s: Our family were going on holiday with another family who lived nearby. Two taxis were waiting to take all of us off to the ferry port; a brown Ford Zephyr and a dark Ford Corsair. I remember being torn as to which car I should get into. To my infant eyes, the Zephyr looked all wrong; with that extra-long bonnet the cabin seemed too small and too far back! There is no doubt that the Corsair was a stylish looking car though.

    The following year we hired an orange Transit mini-bus – the one with the ‘Pig snout’!

    There was a guy who lived on that estate who spent his weekends ‘souping up’ a red Mk II Capri and adding a Dukes of Hazard-style music horn under the bonnet. I was hooked on the cars and identifying all the Escorts and Cortinas before I even started school!

    Anyway, thanks again for the great site!

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