Unseizing the clutch (part 1)

After some advice from the Rods ‘n’ Sods forum, on Saturday (19th) I removed (wrestled with) the clutch fluid reservoir to inspect the extent of seizure. The photos may indicate the level of corrosion but don’t illustrate the fact that the reservoir was dry upon removal.

I had to cut the fluid pipe to remove it from the engine bay. I then attempted to take off the slave cylinder mounted on the engine block. I got as far as removing the circlip before spraying the unit in WD40 to help the removal of that at a later date.

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  1. That’s part one, the clutch master cylinder and you’re looking at around £40+. The clutch slave unit is in part two, which I haven’t got around to, yet!

  2. Hi mate, I am wrestling with the same problem of getting my leaky slave cylinder out…crawled underneath it this morning removed rubber gaiter and got an eyefull of brake fluid….much cursing and blinking later got the circlip off and then liberal amounts of 3 in 1 and a copper mallet but no movement…have ordered a rebuild kit £5 and am just going to keep topping it up until it arrives then I will use my coil spring compressor as you have and try and ease it out… Slave cylinders for these are obsolete now so going to try and salvage it.. If you find a source for these let me know and I will do likewise.. I had my clutch relined in a day by JMC of poole for £23. Have had to weld a fair bit for last MoT and track down 1 front strut but otherwise the old girl is going well. I have a steering box and rear springs as spares if you need them and some light surrounds and rear lenses, got a complete centre armrest console aswell as I’ve fitted bench seats in it now. Good luck and regards. Sean. I have a parts list for corsair if you need any numbers (proper ford dealer parts list).

  3. Hi Sean,

    I too have been looking at salvaging what I have got rather than looking for new units, a wire brush has made them look much better. I managed to ease out the Master Cylinder’s components with lots of tapping/banging the unit on to a block of wood and using gravity as and aid. The technique has not worked for my Slave Cylinder though, the inner piston only getting flush with the body of the unit and then no further. An air-line may be my next attempt to extract the slaves internals.

    I hope to try Speedy Spares near Brighton, Sussex for the cylinder repair kits, is that who you have got yours through? You may get me on RnS if you wish to share the parts list. Finances have been the restriction on this project so far.

    Thanks, Dom

  4. Hi Dom, had to bite the bullet and ordered a slave cylinder I found on ebay for a scimitar, the chap from the owners club said they are scarce and expensive…. got a rebuild kit coming for my existing cylinder hopefully I can extract it without doing any more than cosmetic damage….but I drive the old girl pretty much every day so I’ve hedged my bets and sweet talked my wife into letting me put it on her credit card,she is good to me!, cost me £65 so be sitting down if you have to get one…..I could possibly get you a set of leads off a car at work if you want as they leave them insitu. What carb have you got? I can get brake and clutch fluids by the gallon and generally oil aswell… Good luck with your shoestring budget renovation…..if I can help just ask. Sean

  5. Sean, you offer is very kind, I just bought some brake fluid and oil for the wifes car that needs repair…! I’m ok for leads at the mo, i had the motor running (\nov 2011) after an eight year lay up. Getting the clutch operating is main task then the brake system (callipers and drums) will require attention.

    Not sure what the carb is… the engine spec is 1700 V4. Thanks again, Dom.

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