Unseizing the clutch – Part 3

Nice weather, so I took the day off to tackle the next stage of the clutch problem by removing the gearbox. By midday the gearbox was removed and clear of the car. Not too difficult, two trolly jacks and a some wood to drag the box out on and I remained fairly clean.

The clutch pressure plate and friction disk where removed and inspected. All looked ok but I had no means of testing whether is was scrap or a functional unit in need of lubrication. Anyway, I cleaned up the surfaces the friction plate came into contact with, sqiurted some WD40/Spray grease on what looked like they should be moving parts and put it all back in. The clutch assembly was all centralised properly using a tool I had inherited a while ago but not used until now.

The worst bit was to come, re-fit of the gearbox. Balanced on the two trolley jacks it got as far as about 3″ (8cm) away from going back on. Filthy dirty by now, I conceded defeat after 3 hours including some help from my wife in the latter stages. I simply ran out of muscle power or strength to lift the box back into the back of the engine. I may need some extra muscle to help.

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