The Starting Problems Continue

Moprod fuel pump and filter. Original set up.

Since the Corsair spluttered to a halt on the on the driveway back on Christmas Eve, I’ve been tinkering away trying to solve the fault. Testing the fuel pump, checking the points and condenser, rebuilding the carburettor and fiddling with all manner of idle mixture settings, had not made any difference. The Corsair would start, fire on the first turn over then cut out.

Recently, the carburettor had been opened up, double checked and minor adjustments made and it seemed to had done the job when the Corsair was started up and ran for about 2 to 3 mins even when running it from a fuel can before cutting out and then not starting. It seemed that the fuel pump was intermittently working and therefore seen as the problem.

Cue the following week when I ordered and took delivery of a new Huco fuel suction pump from Southern Carburettors. With the new pump fitted I thought to test it by pumping fuel into a jar and remove any air from the system. The pump cut out after a bit of fuel pumped into the jar, but I wondered if the new pump sensed a resistance pressure in the jar that triggered an auto cut off. Anyway, hooked up the fuel line to the carburettor, switched the ignition on for there to be one small click from the fuel pump to pressurise. I started the car, it fired, ran for a couple of seconds and then cut out.

Considering the same occurred on the old pump as well, but that time using a fuel can, I’m certain it is not a fuel blockage in the fuel tank, so now my attention must focus on the fuel pump not getting power after the ignition is switched on.

Could it be the ignition switch? More to follow, I’m sure.

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