The Salisbury Trip

Sunday (5th Nov) was to be another fine weather day so a trip to Salisbury was planned for the Corsair as I fancied getting a photo of the car with the Cathedral as the back drop. The drive down the A30 was uneventful, just struggling to get the power down smoothly and going up hills with out too much throttle, and I had nobody catch me up until I reached Wilton. Once cruising at 50-55mph the Corsair ran sweetly and was a pleasure to drive.

Once through Wilton I carried on and when I was in Salisbury I turned off the Wilton Road in to Cherry Orchard Lane then on to Churchfields Industrial Estate to take the back route to the City centre getting the full majestic view of the Cathedral as I passed Queen Elisabeth Gardens. There was no where to stop for a photo shoot so I carried on to Crane Bridge Street and New Street. I then took a left into Catherine Street and followed the road left again on to the New Canal. I was glad to have the roof up as I was becoming conscientious of being looked at. I continued my tour of the City centre going past the Poultry Cross and carrying on to the Blue Boar Row and cruising past the Market Place. Eager to get a photo of the car I decided to take the Corsair to the end of St Anne’s Street as I knew I would have a view of the Cathedral from there. Lighting wasn’t good, there had been a small rain shower moments before, but I had my shot.

Corsair at the top of St Anne’s Street Salisbury with the Cathedral as the backdrop

It was then on to Harnham with the chance I could get another photo by the Old Mill off Middle Street. When I got there, too many people were about and other cars in the way that I abandoned the idea of another photo. Next was my comedy moment, as I drove around to Upper Street my drivers door swung open, and it was typical there was a bemused pedestrian taking it all in as I grappled to get the door closed. Luckily nothing was coming the other way!

Corsair outside Wilton House

Back on the main roads I headed back to Wilton via the Netherhampton Road. When at Wilton House I parked up outside the main gates to the house for another photo opportunity – a rather posh Aston Martin came out as I was about to take the photos, but they didn’t bat an eyelid at the Corsair. Photos in the bag it was onwards home-bound and it was around the this time the fan belt was starting to squeal. Carefully getting the car up the gentle hill out of Wilton the A30 opened up before me and all that was behind me never kept up. Next scheduled stop was at the Fovant hillside WW1 badges for another photo oportunity. The Fan belt squealed in to life upon the restart.

Corsair at Fovant by the Badges

Traffic had caught me and the Corsair up by now and apart from them tailing me on the gradients we seemed to open a gap on the level. It wasn’t until after Ludwell when there were some not so nice noises coming from the car followed by a clank and thud on the underside. Steeering seemed fine as I gave that a wiggle and then I noticed the generator light was on and new I must have thrown a fan belt. Thankfully I wasn’t far from home and got the Corsair safely back.

It’s the Classic Car Show at the NEC, Birmingham this weekend, so I maybe able to pick up a spare there.

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