The Fan Belt Saga

Well, pretty much as the title describes. After the fan belt had snapped I knew it wouldn’t be too much of a problem, after all I’d be going to the NEC Classic Car Show in Birmingham (Saturday 12th Nov 2017) and hoped to be able to buy one up there for an inflated show price.

Simon Barlow’s Supercharged Methanol burning Outlaw Anglia (Fordson Van) at the NEC

It was a good show, lots to see as I got in there from about 9.30am and didn’t leave until 5pm and no I didn’t find a fan belt to buy but the chaps on Burton Power suggested I phone them and discuss their options. The Ford Corsair Owners Club came up trumps with a cup of tea for a paid up member just at the right time and then I ate a piece of cake from the Enthusiasts of British Built Motor Vehicles Built Before 1985 club stand, and there was lots of talking too. I came away tired but satisfied along with a couple of presents for myself.

Fan belt (packaging) for a Ford Corsair V4

Monday came around quickly for me to catch up with Burton Power about the fan belt only for them to get confused and then suggest I go to my local motor factor and quote a part number they gave me. It was lunchtime by now and off I went around to my local motor factor in town, for them to believe that the part number I was given was for the wrong car and so Guy in the shop ordered what he thought would be the right one. A few hours later the belts were in, I went round with my piece of string to compare sizes and sure enough the extra one that Guy decided was correct. The added bonus it was only about £8 for a brand new item and not some aged New Old Stock from 40 years ago at eBay prices.

Finally got a close match on the  paint too and bought a tin of Ford Venetian Red – that was mixed up for me (ker-ching – £15) at another small independent motor factor. And yes, it matched quite well. Applied much in the same was as when I did the front valance back in March.

I fitted the fan belt on a Saturday pushing back a bracket that supported a water pipe which could have rubbed on the original belt. Then the Corsair was fired up on the Sunday for a sunny jaunt down to Screwfix to collect some parts (for the house). Only, the ‘Generator’ light was glowing, so a blip on the throttle got rid of that but then the engine sounded really rough. I opened the bonnet and to my horror saw the new fan belt getting shredded, somehow! Engine off and upon closer inspection, I had seen that I had missed the lower pulley completely and the belt was getting shredded between the crankshaft pulley and engine block! ARRGH! Luckily the belt wasn’t too damaged so was salvaged and refitted properly and therefore fit for the trip to Gillingham.

Back to Automotive for another fan belt, I guess. Just o finish off, I’m now in possession of all the jets I need for the carburettor but I’ll save that story for the next post, or one after…


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