The Annual Inspection

MOT for the Corsair
Annual MOT Inspection Jan 2020 at 5 Square Motors, Shaftesbury.

How time flies, and the annual MOT inspection was due at 5 Square Motors, Shaftesbury. Technically in the UK, cars over 40 years old do not require an annual vehicle safety check. But for about 45 minutes of an inspectors time with the car up on the ramps and myself being there to assist, it was worth being done for the peace of mind. On the day the car was booked in for the test, a storm was looming and I had chosen potentially the wettest afternoon to take the Corsair but at least the wipers and lights worked as they should. The Corsair passed with an advisory, as per last year, but this time I’ll need to change the front damper inserts within the front struts over the coming months. The rear nearside brake cylinder was also something to look at aswell judging by the results on the brake tester.

The previous weekend I had fixed the protruding spring from the gear lever and eliminated the rattle, but a run down to the shops in Gillingham the following weekend posed a problem with the gear lever, when a cup washer popped out of its plastic mounting/housing resulting in the lever having no spring resistance, so I had really sloppy gear changes for all gears. Last time I drove a car like that was in a Mini van way back in the late eighties!

No sooner had the Corsair barely any time to dry off from the MOT day, I had dismantled the top internals of the distributor to send away the base plate to H&H Ignition for repair to the threads for the bolt that hold down the points. Over the past few months I had the issue with the points not tightening up and gradually closing resulting in poor performance. Hopefully they will be back in a week or so. Next job will either be the rear brake cylinder or front strut inserts.

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