Summer 2020 Update

Plenty of driving had been done in the Corsair, mostly for errands as well as pleasure and I made one trip to work (50 mile round trip) on one of the hottest days in June. It was lovely and fresh in the morning but stifling hot (30°+) on the way home and the Corsair didn’t appear to be overly hot either once home. July saw the Corsair return to the first informal car gathering at Sturminster Newton after the lockdown restrictions had eased, which was a pleasant, socially distanced occasion.

Ford Corsair convertible at Sturminster Newton

A bit of time was also spent adjusting the handbrake to be more effective which in return improved the feel of the foot pedal braking. I had spoken recently to a neighbour who owns a very good condition 1957 Hillman Minx and he was describing the poor running of his car which sounded just like the Corsair was suffering. He said it was more likely to be a spark plug breaking down, as was the case with his Minx. So I looked up how to test spark plugs on YouTube using a multimeter. Of the four plugs, two on the left hand bank had failed and were not showing any resistance. I had a nearly new set of plugs to try out which all showed to be good with resistance when tested with the multimeter. So, once fitted all seemed good and the run out to Sturminster proved the previous plugs had been at fault.

A few errand runs and local drives for fun were the mainstay for July, but a lovely warm and sunny run out to Stourhead one Friday with the wife (after a week of working on doors for the ‘workshop’ at home) came as a great way to round off a hard week. The car received many appreciative looks and waves from other classic users on the way to and back from Stourhead. My wife took these video clips of the run through the village of Motcombe and then a brisk drive up out via the hollow to Shaftesbury.

Hope you enjoyed the videos – 38 mph was probably quite fast enough on those narrow lanes in an old car with single circuit non-servo assisted brakes.

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