Sturminster Newton classics turn out

The Corsair parked up at the informal gathering in Sturminster Newton

Saturday 4th May, and I popped along to a small gathering of classics and sports cars organised by local chap Chris Spackman. I had an issue on the way down that necessitated with me pulling over at the shut down pub (the Plough) in Manston as the brakes had seized on, again. A few minutes with periodic pedal pumping and checking the fluid reservoir seemed to release the pressure on the brakes and I continued on my way. Soon, I was parked up on the pavement alongside two porches and was joined by a Landrover, Jensen Interceptor and two Delanges. A few other classics later arrived that parked on the road as well as some motor bikes, including a Brough Superior.

The engine/gearbox rattle seemed to be getting quite bad and the journey home wasn’t helped by possibly another condenser failure. The Corsair will be booked in, hopefully, by the end of the month for the engine to come out and have a the crankshaft oil seals replaced, the leaking core plugs changed and check the condition of the clutch.

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