Problem Solving and a Carburettor Rebuild

A short jaunt out in the Corsair on Christmas Eve ended with the car spluttering the last ½ mile home and cutting out on the driveway. A bit of a tinker a few days later couldn’t get it started and I suspected a condenser problem.

Today, I had a whole afternoon to fiddle with the Corsair, after ordering new points and condenser as a back up/ precaution from a local motor factor (Automotive). Tests showed the fuel pump was working fine and that the condenser appeared to be in good order. So my attention turned to the carburettor which was due a rebuild as I had bought new jets a while ago as John from AJ Restoration had suggested.

I took my time making myself familiar with all the components as a Land Rover ‘Emulsion Block’ had been used in the main body of the carburettor (one I had bought in error a while ago). All the jetting was wrong for the V4 1700 configuration, hence the amazing job John had done to tune it and get it to run as well as it did. So, I dug out the original emulsion block but couldn’t remove two parts (Pump Jet and Pump discharge valve) so reverted back to the Land Rover part as I could remove all the jets with only the Compensating Jet in a slightly different position.

Re-assembly wasn’t too difficult, I just ensured the all the orifices with jets and screws removed were treated to a spray of carb cleaner. With the rebuilt carburettor all connected up to the engine start up wasn’t as successful as I hoped. Mindful that the mixture screw may not be right, after a few turn overs and very lumpy (hunting) tick-overs, I saved the battery and left it for another time to base line the carburettor and maybe see about getting an appropriate idle mixture screw. Plus it was getting dark and colder in the garage.

Thanks for reading, Dom

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