November to December

Footman James Classic Restoration show – Bath and West Show Ground

It was a good start to the month with a run out to the Footman James Classic Restoration Show at The Bath & West show ground. The weather was gloomy to start with but brightened up by late morning and was very mild too. It was a smooth drive with a lovely brisk run from Gillingham on the B3081 towards Wincanton and then a clear run from the Hunter’s Lodge to the other side of Bruton. At the show ground in the classic parking, I was guided to a good central  position. I put up my windscreen info board and then wandered off to the auto jumble for a browse.

The Crayford badge that I had got as a recent present was painted and fitted around this time in time for the show. I think it will need a bit more work to look right, the black is a bit flat and the pewter metal work could do with more of a polish/buff.

Plenty of interest was shown in the Corsair and it was pleasure to see people reading the info board and taking pictures of it. By 2 pm I decided to leave, but the trip back wasn’t as much fun with other traffic slowing things down. The engine still seemed a little flat in places at the low cruising speeds of around 34-45 mph  and improved once average speed got to be over 45 mph.

Footman James Classic Restoration show – Bath and West Show Ground
Crayford Badge (a reproduction item obtained from eBay)

A later look at all the spark plugs showed them to be in good condition except for cylinder 2 that was a little coked up, so I’m not sure what to do about that. From there the weather for the month took a turn for the worst and the Corsair wasn’t to be subjected to the cold and wet – although when left for a while it was not keen to get started either.

December rolled around all too quickly and nearly passed me by, but with a trip required to Blandford for pet food, a DIY shop and a supermarket and with the weather being dry and mild it seemed right to take the Corsair. It hadn’t been started for a few weeks so I had the foresight to start and warm the car up the day before, which took several attempts. Come the Saturday for the trip out, starting was much the same as the previous day, by catching the fire up after several turn overs and then increase the choke to raise the tickover. I stayed local first, delivering Christmas cards to family and the drive was fine although somewhat constrained by the compulsory 50 mph speed limits and other traffic. It was great to be behind the wheel after what seemed a while and put on those miles of smiles.

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