New Year, New MOT

The Corsair had been a bit tricky to start since it’s last outing to Blandford before Christmas. Unfortunately, it let me down on New Years Day as I had planned to go to a classic meet at Sturminster Newton but it failed to start and I drained the battery in the process. A couple of weeks later, with the battery on trickle charge, I tried it again and after several turn overs I just caught it enough for it to cough in to life on minimal choke and after several pumps of the accelerator (gas) pedal.

Ford Corsair in for an MOT inspection at 5 Square Motors, Shaftesbury

With the Corsair being over 40 years old, and classed in the UK as a historic vehicle, it is exempt from the MOT (UK certificate of road worthiness). For the princely sum of £35, I saw it as an hour of an inspectors time to check for any obvious flaws or problems with the safety of the car. It was also an opportunity for me to view the underside for myself (without lying on my back) and see where the oil leaks were all coming from, which were flagged up as advisories.

Underside of the Ford Corsair. Structurally sound but looks scruffy with the waxoyl

The MOT inspector sorted out the slack in my steering idler arm by adding a washer and therefore firming that up. There were no other major concerns and the Corsair passed the test, however a front shock absorber was showing signs of deterioration and hopefully I’ll be able to obtain a replacement pair over the course of the year. The oil leaks are likely to be front and rear crankshaft oil seals. The brake test appeared to be good and evenly balanced for the fronts and rears As well as the hand brake, which was put to the test last month parked outside Screwfix in Blandford.

Underside of the Ford Corsair looking towards the front revealing the other anti rust measure in place, leaky crankshaft oil seals, and possibly gearbox oil due to being a bit over full. The car left it’s mark on the floor!

So, I now have piece of mind for the safety aspect of the Corsair and future jobs that really need to be sorted this year. I just need it to warm up a bit more to take the strain off the battery for cold starting.

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