New Brake Discs

The other weekend I got around to fitting the new brake discs I bought from Burton. They were discs for Mk1 Cortina/Mk1 Escort/Mk1 Capri but assured they would fit. I took it steady removing the hubs without rushing to ensure I didn’t miss anything along the way.

Fitting the new pads revealed that the near side caliper may be the cause of the brakes locking on. As I prised the pistons back to fit the new pads I noticed they stayed back and didn’t creep back out to take up pressure on the discs. On a test drive after sorting out the points and poor running issues, the brake pedal started to get firm again so I put the Corsair away. I then thought about and dug out the old calipers I replaced on the Corsair some 18 years ago and never sent back on exchange for the then new ones.

The next day I made enquiries with automotive brake refurbishment companies, and the only one to get back was BCS Automotive in Nottingham. After a few email exchanges to clarify on details I sent them my very crusty calipers but somehow doubt their estimate will remain the same.

Rusty Corsair calipers
Original calipers, removed in 2001 and sent away for refurbishing

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