More Electrics – The Coil

Chasing the electrical fault recently, led me to Youtube to teach me how to use my multimeter properly. With the new found wisdom I tested the coil. I got a low reading of 1.6 ohms on the Primary circuit (between the – and + posts) which should have been 3 ohms or more. On the secondary circuit, the one that goes to the distributor, the reading was 1, meaning there was a fault or the coil was dead.

Dead Coil – Secondary circuit should read up to 10,000 ohms
Dead Coil – Primary circuit should read 3.0 ohms or more

The following day, Andy at Sprint Bay, a local motor factor in Shaftesbury, sorted me out for a HT lead that broke and then a new non-ballasted coil. Once back in the garage, it didn’t take long to get the new parts in place and then another fire up. The engine fired, ran, but it was another lumpy and at times high RPM (tickover) without any consistency before the engine¬† would splutter before stalling . This happened several times and I could keep it going with gentle inputs from the throttle but at least the engine started each time. My guess work with the idle and mixture settings on the carburettor wasn’t having a positive effect.

New Coil – Primary circuit
New Coil – secondary circuit

So another step forward, however a poorly running engine which makes me think the carburettor is still the main suspect in the poor performance of the car. I have John on standby for collecting the car and hopefully able to work his tuning magic again but we’re not to the bottom of this yet.

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