Mid year update…

Not a lot really has happened. I wire brushed the Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder which cleaned up quite nicely. I also managed to extract the Master Cylinders internals by banging the open end onto a block of wood and with the help of gravity. The same can not be said of the Slave. An air line (will need to travel else where for that one) is the next idea to extract the components.

The Corsair saw more daylight briefly this month before being wrapped up in a tarpaulin, as the garage was needed for a head gasket job on the MG ZR, out of the rain.

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  1. Hi Dom, i’ve got my clutch all done now,a friend of mine has acquired for me another slave cylinder off of a kit car that had a hydraulic clutch it has a slightly different fixing but has the bracket attached i also have a rebuild kit that i didn’t use. if you can’t get your slave cylinder into a usable condition i doubt i’ll be using it so they could be up for grabs, i know new ones are hard to find and blooming expensive. the other option is a cable conversion kit. Hope things are progressing albeit slowly. regards sean

  2. Thanks for that Sean, cable option has been considered and I was thinking 3.0 litre Capri clutch/brake assembly as an option. I think my Slave is serviceable, the piston moves nicely in the bore but not taken it any further in dismantling.

    Thanks for dropping by, Dom.

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