Late May Update

View looking out towards Shaftesbury on the B3081, having come up Zig Zag Hill

With the lock down still in place, restrictions were easing for people movement, so I decided to take the Corsair for bit more of a leg stretch one evening, rather than the local within a mile of home movements. The intention was to film the journey of the Corsair up Zig Zag Hill and motoring along on the B3081 but I didn’t account for the (mobile phone) auto focus on a bug splat on the windscreen, so the trip up was mostly blurred. I tried again a few days later, with better lighting and getting the focus to stay trained on the road and got back various results ( I may post a video later). The brakes felt OK, no signs of locking up, though they were a little spongy and the handbrake was not as effective as before. Some adjustments will be required on the rear drum and hopefully improved the handbrake.

Minor work included a repair of the passenger side window winder, this time I applied more penetrating weld as per my drivers door window winder fix I did a while ago. Preparation and set up took the longest but had the glass runner arms re-welded to the winder mechanism and all seemed a lot stronger this time. I also tackled the broken bracket in the passenger door holding the window (glass) runner to the door internals. It was rusted through and the metal left was very thin, however with some very unattractive, splatter welds it was secured again. No photos, I wouldn’t want to upset the purists, but it does the job and is now hidden by the door card.

I now have all the parts required for the front suspension maintenance, which includes new strut inserts, top mounts, poly bushes and steering arm rebuild kits. I will embark on that task once the carport upgrade has been done.

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