How the hood goes up

Short animation showing the process of putting up the hood. You’ll understand why it comes down in March/April and goes back up in September.

The Corsair will be going away for some engine work (core plugs and oil seals) and to ensure it keeps the weather out or away from the car I decided to put the hood up. I also trial fitted the new car cover I bought on Amazon for £25 as for additional protection and then discovered the source of the rattle that had me most concerned for the past few weeks. The rattle that I was thinking was clutch related turned out to be a loose bumper, yes, you read it right a loose bumper! Thankfully the chrome bolt was still in situ but the nut and washer were long gone and the bumper just rattled about on its mounting bracket. So, I dug out a washer and another nut from a tub of old Corsair bits and then took the car for a test drive. No rattle! Though I still seem to have issues with my ignition circuit as the car still ran with a miss-fire under load.

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