Fuel Tank MkII

Forever perusing Ebay for those odd elusive items for the Corsair, I came across this petrol tank with the fuel sender for a Corsair way back in November 2017. The seller initially was asking £50 buy it now, so it went on my watch list and then the listing ended without being sold. A week or so later it re-appeared but this time for a £60 buy it now price. Again on my watch list and with a week to go I offered £40 but was countered with a £45 offer that I turned down. Another fortnight leading up to Christmas it came back on again, and then it appeared to have sold a week before its end date.

ebay screenshot
Ebay screenshot of the Fuel Tank

Oh well, my gamble of holding out hadn’t paid off and I missed out on a  potentially good petrol tank. But come the end of January 2018 it reappeared. I thought this must be for me so I contacted the seller and asked if they would accept my offer of £40 and that I could collect it at the weekend, to which they agreed to my offer. So my epic 125 mile day trip to Croydon was planned and all went fairly smoothly in the dire weather conditions for me to collect the fuel tank.

I had a feeling there was going to be something special about his back street garage/lock-up and sure enough the seller was a custom car builder when I spied the model T hot rod in his workshop. He (Martin??) gave me a quick verbal tour of the contents of the workshop from the small space we had to stand in and vehicles ranged from a 1955 Buick that was a regular customer’s car infor more body work to a XJ5 or 6 Jaguar with extensive body mods all in metal. It was also noted that all the cars in his workshop had a V8 including the drift car. I never took any pictures, didn’t get the opportunity to ask, as the owner was whisked off by some other people, so I made for home and the 125 miles return trip.

So once home, a closer inspection revealed a very clean fuel tank inside and the fuel sender looked in good condition, in fact much better than my own, so a result that went in my favour. I just needed to work out why the Corsair won’t run. The other day, I double checked the carburettor again and made some more adjustments and then started the car using a fuel can to by-pass the fuel tank. The engine started on the first turn and ran for about 2 minutes on tick over and with a couple of small revs. It then cut out and wouldn’t start again. I am suspecting a fuel pump as the potential culprit but not sure how to test it, as when I did test it a while ago it pumped fuel into a jar fine.

The joys of classic cars, well at least I feel I’m getting to know this one quite intimately.

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