February 2019 Spring-time Sunshine

Ford Corsair after a quick mop with the waterless cleaning system

The first fortnight of February it was snowy, cold and gloomy and by contrast the last weekend of the month was gloriously warm and sunny with record breaking seasonal temperatures. On the Saturday (23rd), after failing to start, the Corsair was rolled out of the garage on to the road to be assisted with a jump start from the daily driver Passat. It took a while of turning over and by not using much choke the car eventually fired up. With the engine warming up there were no excuses left not to go out in the Corsair, so for the sheer fun of it, a drive was done on a familiar circuit. The A30 section to Barford St Martin was a bit slow following another motorist for much of the way, then I had trouble getting past a large, wide and bouncy tractor on the way to Dinton. Once past the big and bouncy tractor I had an open road (B3089) before me and a BMW Z4 coupe lurking in my rear view mirror. It made for a pleasurable swift drive passing through the villages of Teffont, Fonthill Gifford and Hindon with that BMW still contentedly following. Once at the traffic lights on the A350 I turned left to Shaftesbury only to join a quicker stream of traffic than I had endured earlier.

A silly annoying fault occurred with the speedometer instrument odometer, in that it stopped after the first two miles of the 36 mile round trip (data gathered from an earlier recording). The Speedometer needle worked but the miles counter didn’t. I tried some reversing to perhaps free up any dirt jamming the mechanism but it didn’t seem to work.

Sunday (24th) rolled around with the weather continuing to be warm and very spring-like. I had a better excuse for taking the Corsair out for another drive, this time to Blandford and pop into the Tesco store there for a top up on the grocery shop. Saying my usual prayers coupled with lucky thoughts, a small bit of choke and 3 pumps on the gas pedal, the Corsair sputtered to life. Though I had to be quick to ease the choke out to raise the revs so the engine could warm up before going out.

With the odometer not working I activated my speedometer app on the phone to record the distance traveled on the trip. All of the journey followed the A350 due to road works on the alternative, quicker route. Again, a steady pace on the winding road was thwarted by over cautious Sunday drivers and I was finally able to open up the Corsair to a heady 58 mph (according to the GPS app) on the Blandford bypass. The odometer meter worked on the way to Blandford but stopped again on the way back (roll-of-eyes) only to start working again after hitting a pot hole near Fontmell Magna. At least with the phone app, I had an accurate round trip of 27 miles to record in the Corsairs log book so I can continue to monitor fuel consumption.

No money was made from this product placement. Please note, the dirt on the cloth is also from the other cars. Wipe-on and wipe-off cloths required.

Once back home the Corsair was treated to a ‘waterless’ clean as it was a bit grimy with a film of dirt. I had used the waterless system on the wife’s Citroen a few times and it seemed to do a good job, though it does leave smears on the glass if not enough elbow grease is used to buff them out. The paint finish on the Corsair is far from decent as the 1980’s respray was chipped and rubbing off in patches. So a wipe down with the “Meguires – Ultimate Waterless Wash ‘n’ Wax” was more to help with protecting the body work rather than for the shine. It’s not a bad product by the way, it applies a coating that repels water and the dirt that does stick comes off easily with the next clean. I had done about 4 full cleans on the Citroen (which is a big car), 1 quick wipe down of the Passat (estate) and the picture shows what was left after wiping around the Corsair. The spray bottle of Meguires costs about £12 from Amazon and the cloths (x3) were about £8 but are washable and reusable.

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