Drivers Side Window

New clips and bits for the window windder mechanism. Note the Triumph parts – the Corsair’s winders are modified Triumph Spitfire items.

A few months back… yes it was that long ago, the window dropped down rather swiftly when it was wound down. No problem I thought at the time, it’s popped off the runners as before as I wasn’t sure the securing clips were any good anyway. A few weeks back I bought a Triumph Drop Glass kit with new washers, clips and bolts etc. Now, with the weather finally being warm and sunny, I was able to to get the Corsair out of the garage for a bit of tinkering. I left the engine rough idle alone for the day as I wanted to fix the window winder mechanism and do other minor jobs.

Upon getting the drivers door card off I saw the problem, the glass had come out of the runner completely, hardly surprising as the metal was severely corroded. I removed the glass from the door first and then scraped off the glue and ‘whatever’ remnants on the lower edge of the glass with a plastic spatula/spreader. Then I could get to the glass holder bracket but had to be very careful as it was bending in half and I didn’t want to break it.

It came out in one piece but was very fragile with lots of old crud and hardened glue in the groove that should have held the glass. Looking at the passenger side, for reference, that one was in good shape, not rusty and with a decent bit of rubber holding the glass in place. So the crusty bit of metal was put in my vice and I set about cleaning it up with a wire brush and a screw driver as a chisel/scraper.

Not a lot left of the window bracket especially once I had scraped out the crud. Hopefully I can find a replacement or have one re-made.
With the door card removed you can see the Corsair’s original colour – Forest Green

Other tasks involved drilling and tapping a thread to finally secure the passenger side window winder (about 17 years late) and putting back the passenger side underlay and carpet. So a good day, the Corsair did drive out and then back in the garage, but still wouldn’t idle for long before stalling.

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