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Ford Corsair V4 brochure, parts list, Haynes manual and service data booklet
Ford Corsair V4 brochure, parts list book, Haynes manual and service data booklet

Not really being one collecting ‘everything’ Corsair related but I was lured to these items seen for sale on a Facebook sale site. It was the Ford Corsair sales brochure [more images] which caught my eye with its exquisite artwork and a clean Haynes manual for indoor referral. I’ve more ‘goodies’ to come by post/courier in regard to the front suspension and steering.

CCW Fame

The Corsair made another public appearance, this time in Classic Car Weekly, a UK newspaper for the classic car market. I was curios as to the value of the Corsair so contacted CCW a few weeks ago and it seems I wasn’t far off from my estimate according to the article.

Valuation article from Classic Car Weekly (11/09/2019)

HELP: Nothing has happened

Thought I’d better write something to at least put you in the picture, considering you have got this far.

I’ve not done a thing to the Corsair. I did try to test the coil last month that I had on the car and it turned out from an enquiry on a forum, I would need an unballasted replacement coil. I’ve lost all motivation, confidence and self esteem and I’m not saving up the pennies for parts. Seriously if you think YOU can help me, please comment below and I’ll get back to you. No crap please, I’ve no idea who even looks at this blog/website either, the ‘webstats’ go only so far as number of hits…

In a nutshell, it’s a desperate call for help,. Even then I’m not sure if I could accept due to the personal turmoil I’m in, but I just don’t know where to turn on this. The car is NOT for sale.

Thanks for reading, with regards,


That old car smell

…mmm, that old car smell, right up my nostrils today when digging around in the garage for some tools on a non car job. Yep, the passion is still there to get the old girl started, and there is a glimmer on the horizon for at least a set of new leads next month.

Project on hold

Cash flow is the real problem here, a decent set of HT leads are required and I’ve not a penny to spend on the Corsair to try again on starting the engine. So, motivation has taken a bit of a knock, but the Corsair is not forgotten.

Crayford info

Just added 12 scans of genuine Crayford brochures here. Not much is on line about this company that specialised in soft top conversions of UK production cars and according to the Company brochure they did some engine development too. Hopefully they’ll be of interest.

Not alot of thinking…

I’ve been brain dead mostly this week. I mean, why am I wondering whether to put that battery back on charge? The voice in my head is not assertive enough and I’ve done nothing, infact I was meant to rig it up first thing this morning (6.20am) but forgot until I remembered when sat at my desk in the office and then again now as I type this.

Hey, maybe I’ll get motivated tomorrow, it’s bound to be wet, I’ll be bored and come 3 O’clock I will decide it’s too late to put the battery on a high charge.

Blogging about the car

Welcome to the first blog entry about the River Cottage Ford Corsair Crayford Convertible. The blog was inspired by the many car builds I’ve been following recently on a couple of forums. Whilst I’ll never have the skill of those people on the forums, I intend to shed some light on how it really is in my world of trying to get an old and historic car back up and running.

There are bound to be several problems, well hey, this is me… along the way and no doubt long periods of inactivity, but don’t give up on me, your words may be enough to spur me on more. Thanks for reading this, see you again?