Brakes, Wheels and a Cheeky Try-out

Made some more time with the Corsair on the Sunday morning before the expected rain for the afternoon. With the right foot help of my son, we bled the brakes all round – and now they work. May need doing again, but I can stop the car without using the handbrake. Set about using my 80 grit flap wheel polisher (bought at SSR Wheels Day) on the Cragars and Cal-Chromes and it brought the inner rim up well enough for new tyres soon. I’m not going to get the outer faces of the wheels in much better condition now – though they still have some hard to remove paint on the alloy parts of the wheels. But they look heaps better than they did 9 months ago.

The afternoon remained dry so I tinkered some more with the Corsair, putting pedal rubbers back on, trying to put the steering column shroud back on but only managing to break it and running the engine for 10 mins etc. I then made the rash decision to take the car out off the driveway and drive it down a private road access to some flats and garages opposite. I got it into second gear before I ran out of tarmac and then the car spluttered and stalled. With an audience of a family the car started with a pop and cough, more fiddling with the choke setting and it was running ok. A three point turn with the heavy steering was accomplished and back up the private access back to my driveway and garage.

Next job will be the steering joints – none of the ball joints have any rubbers left on them so I managed to get a set of inner and outer tie/track rod ends on ebay and a steering idler arm. Fitting may be interesting , from what I saw the old components were quite rusty.

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