Battery Charging

Car Battery
The battery was last used in 2002

First thing Saturday I decided to put the battery back on charge. There was hope after the first round of charging a few weeks ago, as it then had enough to power the lights but not engage the starter motor. So, I drained the battery some more by attaching a lamp to it for a couple of hours last weekend, in readiness for a second & third charge session. After two days of ‘high’ power charging the battery was then hooked up to a solar panel battery conditioner. This was rediscovered in a recent garage tidy up. The solar panel was fixed to the back of the garage and the cables fed through the gaps in the rear wall (sectional garage). They only just reached the battery on blocks on the floor.

I told you it was going to be long and drawn out process however, things are further down the line than a few monhs back. Next week I’ll be mostly dithering over what to do next!

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