A lot of thinking

Bank Holiday Monday, and lots of thinking while sorting out the work bench I also created a board to hang spanners and other tools on. ‘Sad Man’ said my wife. The cooling system was drained at this point. Yep, it had coolant in it all these years and no anti freeze either, luck that several hard freezing winters hadn’t damaged anything. The water that ran out was pretty clear and rust free.

Engine minus the Air Cleaner
Engine minus the Air Cleaner

So off with the air cleaner, for a closer look. The battery was re-attached just to see if there was any charge after a day of full charging, and yes! But not to engage the starter motor, but enough for the side lights, fuel pump (electric) and dash lights etc. A note was made to replace the negative terminal as that had broken apart. Throttle linkages seemed seized or very stiff… will need a closer look at a nearby scrapped Corsair to doulbe check things. Next in mind was to see about taking a closer look at the heater matrix, as a possible source of the original over heating problem. The two pipes were disconnected (that go into the bulkhead) just left of centre in the photo.

Time to put away, but I’ll be back! Below is a drivers view of the dash and steering wheel.

The Corsair Dashboard
The Corsair dashboard as seen by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall!


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