3 Events and an Alternator

When I got the Corsair back on the Friday (26th July) my main goal was to get it to the local classic and bike show at the Barton Hill Recreation ground, on Sunday. There was an existing problem that I had forgotten about which was the ignition light staying on and glowing brighter with more revs. I spent an hour or so on the Saturday diagnosing it to be a failed alternator. The Barton Hill show wasn’t far, and I sensed the Corsair had enough battery life to at least make it to the show which I had missed for the last 3 years. The show was a peaceful informal affair, with a few people taking an interest in the car.

Barton Hill, Shaftesbury 2019

A new alternator was sourced from Euro Car Parts, the closest I could get to describe the type of alternator that I wanted was for a 1978 Capri 1600L, their records didn’t go back any further for their database. When I collected the alternator, there was some worry it was the wrong type as the body looked different and there wasn’t any reference on the body of my old alternator as it probably was a cheap Chinese copy. Anyway, I chanced it as the mountings looked the same dimensions and I would need to rotate the mounts half a turn to make it a right hand mounting.

One evening in the week, about 45 mins was spent changing it from a left hand to right hand mounting and then fitment to the Corsair and a fire up to test the ignition light had gone out. I didn’t do a multi-meter voltage check for charge. All was good, I should now get a surcharge refund on the old alternator.

Sturminster Newton, August 2019

Saturday 3rd August was a short trip out to Sturminster Newton, Dorset where a small gathering of classics is being encouraged on the first Saturday of each month. I had the same issue with the brakes seizing on as the last time I went there, though this time it was a bit sooner and I stopped out side Guys Marsh prison. I think it is all the braking I had to do going down the various hills just added extra pressure to the brake system that it wouldn’t depressurise. After about 5-10 minutes, the brakes freed themselves and I continued on to Sturminster without a problem. The return journey was fine without any problems.

Sunday 4th August and I thought I would take the Corsair back to the breakfast meet at Haynes Museum, Sparkford. The Corsair still had the brake issue, but after a stop for a few minutes the pressure eased in the system to release the brakes and a trouble free 19 miles cruising up to 60+ on the A303. I overheard from a marshal about 600+ cars had attended, and my type of car seemed some what out numbered by modern cars. Anything before 1980 was rather thin on the ground (though I saw 3 Sunbeam Tigers) and it seemed to be more of the performance modern cars in attendance from the last 20 years. After couple of hours I had enough, and many people were moving on anyway. I had another trouble free cruise back on the A303 and on the B road to Gillingham was a quick smooth ride, but as I applied the brakes a few times I had to pull over for the pressure in the system to ease again. A good weekend of driving despite the brakes issue, my early thoughts is that it could be the master cylinder not depressurising.

Haynes International Motor Museum, Sparkford – August Breakfast Meet

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