Brake pipes renewal

Had most of a Saturday to ‘play’ or work on the Corsair. Having put 500ml of oil in the gearbox just to give it some lubrication I then thought what I could be getting on with next.

Creating some new brake pipes and freeing off the old seized connections seemed like a good idea. I had bought the new pipes and male/female unions along with some of the tools for the job way back in Oct/Nov 2012 but with the clutch problem(s) was put on the back burner. The process of creating new pipe lengths and end connections seemed to go well ¬†from master cylinder via a four way splitter and then to the two front flexi hoses. However the system hasn’t been tested for leaks as more pipes are needed to be made up from the flexi hose to the calipers. The calipers will require removal and checking that they hadn’t seized either, the nearside caliper may be OK but offside seems stiff.

The gallery describes my process in making up my sections of copper pipe.