…motivation continued…

A few more hours spare on a Sunday afternoon and the exhaust system, starter motor, prop-shaft, gearbox lower cover plate and other small items were all re-connected and the gearbox to engine all tightened up.

One minor glitch that could have spelled a disaster, was that the gearbox had some how gone into gear whilst out of the car. So when when the prop was re-connected the car couldn’t be rolled back into the garage. The gear lever mechanism had to be refitted with some guess work, and with a bit of luck slotted back into place and I was able to take the car out of gear. The Corsair seemed a lot heavier pushing back into the garage too!

Re-motivated – gearbox back in!

Well, it was a long wait for my motivation to return and some good weather (last week was good too but lacked the desire to do anything), but it did and I have the re-faced flywheel and a new clutch plate with existing pressure plate now installed. I also eventually got the gearbox loosely in after a 2.5 hour tussle!

All bolts need to be tightened properly but the prop-shaft, gearbox bell housing front plate and exhaust system still¬†need to be put back together. At least the worst part is done and the other bits can be done more easily soon… (famous last words).