Corsair update

Recently I obtained two good looking chromed Cragar wheels from Sean in Poole, who at the time is rebuilding a custom/hot rod Ford Pop. They match the two font Cragars I have; the rears are of a different make and have a deeper offset, but I think you’ll agree, these look heaps better and have pretty good tyres too.

Also, I got the Flywheel skimmed by Perret Engineering, near Henstridge and also a new friction plate from the clutch specialists in Henstridge, Precision Clutch Components Ltd. Just need to find 3+ hours to fit it all back together! Soon I hope.

The Flywheel

Got the flywheel off today, nothing too difficult by my standards, all within 30 mins. It gives me the opportunity to reveal the groove on the flywheel. At the time of writing I have posted a question on my favourite forum for advice on where to go from this.

Update 5/9/13: The general consensus of opinion is that the groove is fixable by skimming/re-facing, I just need to find an engineering company near enough to do the job for a good price.

Bench Testing

Nipped down to these chaps Precision Clutch Components for them to have a look at my pressure plate and friction plate. They tested the pressure plate on their special press and showed me it was all working fine and lifting as it should. No cracks or signs of too much wear. The friction plate, however, told another story. Apart from being worn down near to the rivets it was evident that there is a groove in the flywheel which will need to be sorted before a new friction plate is put back on. So, the next mission is to source another flywheel or have the current one repaired or re-faced.