2013 – Not forgotten…

clutch slave cylinders
old and new clutch slave cylinder

OK, been very quiet for over five months and have done nothing to the Corsair. I must admit I was really p*ss*d off that I messed up the clutch slave cylinder which seriously knocked my confidence on the whole job. The wife came up trumps at Christmas and bought me a new slave cylinder from these guys Powertrack Ltd. It wasn’t enough to get me going though as I REALLY didn’t want to screw that one up!!

clutch slave cylinders
the gouge in the left hand cylinder is clearly seen

I actually had a quick look again at the Corsair on Saturday (13th April), to try and figure out how to free off the seized clutch plate. A squirt of WD40, maybe? Couldn’t get the tin anywhere near the opening to the bell-housing to be on target with the spray…

It was a step closer at least to resuming work. I know, some (most?) folk would of had the car out, on jacks/axles stands, gearbox off and clutch assembly off in a coupe of hours. It’s not as if I haven’t done something like it before either.