Hydraulic Cylinders Refurbished

A bit of quality time in the garage saw the final stages of the hydraulic cylinders overhaul.

Brake Master Cylinder componnets
The repair components laid out for the Brake Master Cylinder
Hydraulic cylinders
Clutch Master Cylinder (Top); Clutch Slave Cylinder (Middle Left) and Brake Master Cylinder (Bottom)

The repair kits costing about £5.00 each were fairly easy to do. A small amount of brake fluid eased the rubber seals into place nicely then the bores of the cylinders wiped with fluid to help with the  re-insertion of the pistons.

So, after nearly after a year, the refurbished clutch and brake master cylinders are ready for putting back in the car along with the clutch slave cylinder. I obtained some pipe (black in picture) that will hopefully be good enough for between the clutch master and slave unit.

Brake master cylinder removal

Had the brake master cylinder fluid pipe bolts soaking for a week and no movement… so in 30 seconds I nipped through the pipes with pliers and out came the master cylinder. The casing was as filthy and with surface corrosion much like the clutch master but this one hadn’t nearly dried out!

Brake master cylinder
A very mucky brake master cylinder (Ford V4 1700)
brake master cylinder (Ford V4 1700)
brake master cylinder (Ford V4 1700) looking a bit corroded, well it was seized

The push rod was seized too and no worse than the clutch mechanism, infact it was probably better as the piston came out easier. All looked fairly good, even the seals looked unworn. Just have added new brake piping to the list of parts, now do I go for copper or cunifer (a mix of nickel and copper).