an automotive photographic archive


This site was started in 2005 as a personal photographic archive of cars that my wife (who wishes to remain anonymous) and myself currently own and have previously owned.

The site is also home to my automotive related (amateur) photography starting from 1983 of the drag racing and car shows I attended. Unfortunately, the photography on the pre-1988 stuff is rather poor, this was due to using an eighties icon the disk camera which at the time served its purpose, I didn't get a proper SLR (Pentax K1000) until 1989. The galleries stop around 1995 because I went to mostly Ford Capri and general classic car shows during the rest of the 90's.

There are various links throughout the site to what I think are points of interest, otherwise enjoy browsing. If you feel the need to go elsewhere, try this site which is a site about toys with over 2000 photos.

Updated August 2017

A comprehensive upload of my personal Capri photo albums has been done starting from 1989 all the way to 1998 with a couple of stragglers. The Corsair blog started in April 2011 is still going strong and follows the progress of getting the Ford Corsair recomissioned.